What is HIIT?

HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training. It involves short and intense sets of workouts paired with quick and small intervals for recovery. It is the most time-efficient exercise out there! It’s highly challenging and can help you to take your fitness goals to another level.

Despite how short the workouts are, they can produce twice as many health benefits when compared to other exercises

This form of workout helps you to burn more calories than your traditional method of workout and pushes you out of your comfort zone.



Benefits of HIIT:

1. Burn more calories in less amount of time

2. Boosts metabolism for hours even after the workout

3. Efficient way of burning fat

4. Supports lean muscle gain

5. Improves breathing and oxygen consumption

6. Helps reduce blood pressure

7. Can Decrease blood sugar


What is Strength Training?

Strength training also called weight training or resistance training is one of the most important parts of any fitness routine. It is the main workout form that makes you stronger and also builds muscle endurance at the same time.

In Strength Training the resistance that you use can vary from dumbbells to body weight. Here the form of resistance trains your muscles to work under constant pressure. After a certain amount of time, your muscles adapt to the resistance and the exercise you do further, increasing their strength and endurance.



Benefits of strength training:

1. Supports lean muscle gain

2. Helps reduce body fat

3. Helps burn calories more efficiently, even after the workout

4. boosts metabolism

5. Helps increase bone density 

6. Raises energy levels

7. Improves brain health and cognitive functions

8. Helps reduce the symptoms of many chronic diseases and conditions

9. Improves body posture, balance, and stability

10. Helps improve mood and overall sense of well-being



Even with different equipment and time, strength training and HIIT do have their similarities.

Both forms of workouts help you build lean muscle mass. With Progressive Overload (What is Progressive Overload) applied to both forms, you can target increasing your muscle mass and muscle endurance.

Both strength training and HIIT support fat burning, but HIIT helps reduce fat at a greater level. Since the intensity at which you perform the workouts is high, your heart rate is increased too which leads to burning more calories during the workout as well as after.

Both forms of workouts promote mind and muscle connection and increase performance. While strength training increases your ability to perform weight-bearing activities, HIIT helps improve the agility, flexibility, and endurance of your body.

All forms of exercise promote physical and mental health. In this case, both of these forms of exercise are known to be beneficial for your cardiovascular health and overall wellness while supporting brain health, improving mood, and increasing longevity.



While Strength Training supports mobility and agility to a certain level, HIIT is more focused on these attributes and provides better results.

Strength training requires different equipment to target different muscle groups while HIIT needs only bodyweight or lightweight dumbbells.

Strength training is time-consuming where if you want to target more than 2 muscle groups at once then you may have to spend 1-2 hours, whereas HIIT workout time ranges from 15 mins to 1 hour.


Which One is Best For You?

The short answer is both.

Your workouts can include both, Strength Training and HIIT as a combination. You can either alternate from day to day, or you can follow your usual strength training routine and use HIIT as your cardio finisher.


If you need help sorting out these 2 types of workout forms in your workout routine you can Book A Session with our Personal Trainers who make a tailored workout routine suited for you with the 2 workout forms mentioned above!


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