Owing to our fast-paced lives, our health often tends to take a backseat. We must, however, give ourselves the due care that we deserve. A healthy lifestyle is the most essential aspect to maintain a positive and balanced life. Keeping ourselves hale and hearty is the key to long-term success and is something that we must all strive for.

We live in a generation that’s divided into 2 parts, where larger audiences are sitters than fitness seekers. We live in an era where its Fast food v/s Salads, elevators v/s stairs and comfort v/s sweating it out. Our surroundings and circumstances have urged us to take the comfortable road and we need to break the chain for a fitter tomorrow. And for a fitter tomorrow there has always been Fitternity. 

 It’s not always important to build muscles to look good; a mix of small, day to day regular exercises are good enough to keep your healthy heart. And what’s a better way to do it than doing a little bit of everything.  Pairing regular exercises with a healthy diet is a plan that works well against various types of heart diseases. Exercise, being a core contributor, works as a great method to stabilise heart rate and lower blood pressure. When combined with a smart diet an individual loses weight which in turn helps in optimizing heart health. A few of daily activities that could be useful are:

· Swimming - strengthens the heart and betters the blood flow throughout the body.

· Looping (Cycling) - lowers blood pressure and helps fight obesity thereby putting less strain on your heart

· Yoga - work towards keeping both-the mind and body active. The movement of the body through a series of yoga poses and breathing exercises improves strength, flexibility, balance and relaxation.

· Strength Training - helps the muscle become strong and hence work towards improving their ability to draw oxygen from the circulating blood. It is also known to reduce the risk of heart attacks in individual

· Dance –The fun, engaging and ever enthusiastic fitness form of cardio exercise, helps in burning a ton of calories and gain toned muscle and strengthen core. 

· Zumba – The more you enjoy your routine, the more likely you are to stick to it. Zumba is an energetic form of dance that helps in toning thighs and body in the best way possible.  

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