Back to the gym?

When I used to go to the supermarket during the summer vacations, the stationary aisle used to have a big banner saying “Back to school?”. The above phrase reminds me of that particular memory.

The lockdown has been a downer for most of us fitness freaks and gym lovers! Speaking for them, not being able to lift those heavy weights was heavier on us than not being able to go out!

But hearing about the lockdown being lifted, washed away all that weight. The only thing I could think of was, “Time to Pump some Iron!”.

We all get excited and start getting ready for it beforehand by ordering some new shoes, making a new playlist, or organizing the gym wear and start making a checklist for going to the gym but we miss the important items like sanitizers and masks which are a must under the current situation.

So here is a checklist for you so that you don’t miss anything when you go to the gym:

1. Gym bag

The first thing you need is your gym bag to keep all your belongings in. This helps keep your belongings safe.

2. Sanitizer

Sanitizer is a must due to the current circumstances. It is advised to sanitize your hands before entering the gym, after using each piece of equipment, and after leaving the gym. This helps get rid of any microorganisms that may have come in contact with you!

3. Mask

Masks are necessary for gyms too. There is a lot of excess hyperventilation that goes on in the gyms due to which the microorganisms could spread. So wearing masks is the best way to prevent yourself from getting infected!

4. Towel

While using a machine, place your towel over the seat so that your sweat gets absorbed by it and at the end, use your towel to wipe the equipment and machines after every use. 

5. Pre-workout

If you need the hype and energy to lift heavy weights then, this, you cannot forget! 

6. Water bottle

Drinking water during your workouts is essential as you release all your water content when you sweat. Your body needs water for you to perform better and keep you hydrated.

7. Gloves

If you are lifting heavy weights, then you definitely need gloves. They help you get a better grip on the bar which in turn helps you lift easier. (Start with lighter weights since it’s been a long time since lockdown)

8. Shoes

Always keep your gym shoes separate from your normal shoes and wear them only while in the gym. This helps them to last longer and you don’t bring outside dirt into the gym. Shoes provide you with balance and grip, especially during your squats.

9. Gym wear

This is where you can flaunt your style. Gym wear is pretty basic and most ppl wear it from the home itself and others prefer to carry it with them and wear it at the gym. If you are the latter then don’t forget to pack your gym wear in your backpack or it can get a bit annoying to work out in your casual clothes. (especially if you're wearing jeans)

10. Gadgets

Gadgets are a must, be it your phone, fitness watch, or your earphones. These items add to your energy and help you perform better, especially if you have a killer playlist on. I cannot imagine working out without these. So remember to pack your gadgets in your bag, hand, or pockets.

Now that you have your checklist sorted, why not get your gyms/studios sorted out too?

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