6 things you should remember to take care of in your diet to get 6-pack abs: -

1. Go for Slow Carbs: -

Some carbs are good. They help to increase your metabolic rate and your fat-burning capacity. So stay away from the white carbs. Make friends with brown carbs like brown rice, quinoa, whole wheat bread etc.

2. Get high on Protein: -

Since you are cutting down on your carb intake; you need to substitute it with proteins.  Your body burns more calories while breaking down proteins than it does to break down carbs and fats. This does not mean that you switch to steak and sausages for protein. Try to keep your protein intake in check by including whole eggs, Greek yogurt, peanuts, Parmesan, pumpkin seeds etc. preferably in your breakfast meal plan.  

3. It ain't the fat that makes you fat.

When you think of fitness you think opposite of fat. But healthy fats are in fact more efficient in weight loss while providing a number of health benefits. You need to incorporate fats like olive oil, coconut oil, fish oils, nuts, and avocado etc. These items help reduce inflammation in your body and also improve brain and eye functions. And come to think about it, what does not taste good with some extra extra-virgin olive oil?

4. Say no to processed foods: -

Processed foods lack in nutrients.  Any kind of food that has undergone preservation; includes unhealthy fats, artificial sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup, all of which are not good for your body. And not just if you are working towards a 6-pack. Simply switch to natural ingredients.

5. You are never drinking enough water, drink more: -

Water boosts your metabolism, cleanses your body of unwanted toxins and suppresses your food cravings. You could carry a bottle with you everywhere and make sure to have a glass of cold water a little before your meals. Drinking cold water is often recommended because your body works harder to warm the water up which results in burning more calories. It may even reduce your intake of processed drinks and juices.

6. Take regular eating breaks: -

When you starve yourself, you will jump at the first sight of food. All that time and effort and self-control is gone to waste. So, eat at regular intervals. This will keep your metabolism busy. Do not be worried that you are eating so regularly. Take small portions of healthy snacks and you’re good.

A healthy diet will help to reduce the fat covering your abs. A good workout routine will help tone your body. Both are equally important to follow in order to get the desired results

4 things you should remember to take care of in your workout routine to get 6-pack abs:

1. Work on your core muscles: -

To be able to work on your core, you need a strong back. Planks are a good way to work on your abs as well as strengthen your core muscles; Reverse Crunches work your lower abs and Bicycle work your side abs. Just make sure to work on both sides evenly. Remember to keep your abs flexed at all times. This will strengthen your core.

2. Weight train your body: -

To get to the 6-pack you will have to work on the rest of your body too. Working with weights helps to strengthen your muscles, which increases your stamina, which increases your ability to work out.

3. Cardio all the way: -

Cardio is the fastest way to lose fat. You could swim, cycle or play a sport of your choice. Many fitness trainers believe that high-intensity interval cardio training is most effective. This is when you workout for 30 seconds, take a break and repeat it 8-9 times. It makes sense in case you do not get much time to exercise on a daily basis and want a quick routine.

4. Mix it up a little: -

Don’t you get bored of doing the same thing for a period of time? Your body feels the same way. So, try to mix your workout routine a little.. Challenging yourself is a good way to keep things exciting and understanding your progress. Once you are comfortable with an exercise, step up your game.

Frequently asked questions: -

1. Is working towards a 6-pack a healthy option?

Everyone is born with abs. It is just that most often, they are hidden under the layer of fat in the stomach region. Many nutritionists and fitness professionals will advise you against working towards 6-pack abs or 8-pack abs mindlessly trying to look like a swimwear model.  This is because having 6-pack abs does not translate to saying that your body is healthy and fit. It means that a whole lotta fat is compromised when you have a “beach body” and that involves serious risks. Most of it is Photoshop-ed anyway. But instead, if your goal is to remain healthy and fit, a 6-pack is inevitable.  
Also: https://www.fitternity.com/article/why-you-should-never-aim-for-six-pack-abs

2. Can women have 6-pack abs?

As opposed to men, women need a lot more body fat to stay healthy which is to remain fertile and have regular menstrual cycles. Men, on the other hand, can go as low as 6% body fat and still remain healthy. So, yes women too can have visible 6-pack abs, but it is at the risk of good health. Unless you are an exception who is naturally muscular built or has low body fat levels.

3. What are the side effects, if any?

If your workout routine is not carefully selected, you may do more harm to your body than good. Some common issues that arise are; back pains and strained muscles. Make sure to consult with a physiotherapist in case you have injured yourself and discontinue the exercise immediately.

4. How to maintain the 6-pack abs?

It is true that getting a 6-pack is easier than maintaining it. But if you continue to exercise and follow the healthy diet, it should not be that difficult.

5. Is it impossible for an obese person to get 6-pack abs?

If your Body Mass Index is 30 or higher, you are clinically considered as obese. An obese person will have to undergo an extreme fat-loss measure in order to get a 6-pack. Although, it solely depends on the level of obesity, genetics and the person’s will. You might want expert advice from a doctor and a trainer specific to your condition.

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