This has been a debate in the health world about whether or not cheat days are important. So let’s come to the main point - whether cheating can actually be healthy? If you are looking for great workouts, try Fitternity and Use code : ARTSELECT to get an exclusive discount on OnePass Virtual

So, first of all, what is a cheat day?

Dieting regularly for a long span of time and sudden cravings for yummy food is natural to have and you shouldn’t debris yourself of everything. The day you segregate as a cheat day - you don’t hesitate about the calories going in your tummy, you eat till you’re happy and satisfied.

It can be a -

  1. Cheat day - The time frame of eating is open for a day.
  2. Cheat meal - The time frame of eating is open for a specific meal (a special lunch or dinner with someone )

Physical effects of a cheat day

Theories suggest that cheat day increases the production of leptin (consisting of amino acid chains) which generally boost the metabolism of a person. Meaning, it should result in burning more calories after overeating. 

Leptin is a peptide hormone that is secreted from the body’s fat cells, which also controls hunger. Whether this leptin production is caused after a cheat day or refeeding is still being studied. 

So eat smart while on a cheat day also because when you diet for a long time, maybe the glycogen stored in your muscles is limited. So, cheat days can play a role in helping to replenish your glycogen stores with an increased number of calories and carbs you intake. This can help you to perform an intense workout with the required energy. But don’t go overboard, you might have a step back in your fitness goals then.

Psychological effects

Food cravings during a strick diet are the hardest thing, right? Cheat days can actually counter the problem by having a positive impact on the human mind. By having a cheat day once in a while, you can find it better to stop such cravings during your diet.

But don’t let this have a negative impact on you. Some people tend to overeat and then they go down the guilt path! Remember “When you eat something and consistently think the meal will make you put on weight, you will!” So, try and be positive about everything in your fitness journey, including cheat days.

So when should you have a chat day?

When you crave for one! Be consistent in your diet but once in a while have a “smart” cheat day. There is no specific duration for a cheat day/meal. Understand what your body needs and work on it. 

Pro tip - Keep a food diary, track your cravings and once in a while fit them in on days you can spare yourself with extra calories.

Listen to your body and don't deprive yourself of anything. You have you enjoy your fitness journey.

So after a cheat day, you get back to your exercise schedule.

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