By warming up your body, you raise your body's temperature and increase the blood flow to your muscles which makes it easier to perform a workout without muscle soreness. They mainly target on large muscles like hamstrings which then help to do more exercises to your activity.

Benefits of a warm-up 

1. Increased body and muscle temperature 

If you want to try an intense workout with ease - a warm-up is your answer! It helps your body and muscle temperature to rise which helps in passing more oxygen to your muscles. This makes it easier for the muscle groups to contract and relax. It alerts your heart before you jump on to exercising, which means your heart will not be too strained while working out.

2. Reduced risk injury  

Getting injured is the last thing you want while working out. Not only the correct form of exercising but also a good warm-up plays and effective role in avoiding this incident. A warm-up reduces the chance of overheating while working out.

3.Increased your flexibility to benefit exercising 

Being more flexible is always a plus point while performing a workout. But try stretching once you finish a quick warm-up. It should be like an add-on to the warm-ups your do. Stretching helps to calm the mind and release tension - you’ll need this while working out!

So, how to warm up?

A warm-up must begin with a slow pace and gradually increasing in speed and intensity. There are three types 

1.Ballistic Stretches (Stretches involve bouncing)

2. Static Stretches (Stretches involve flexing the muscles)

3. Dynamic warm-up (Stretching involves moving the body part in the desired way until reaching the full range of motion)

If you sweat a little but don’t feel to fatigue, then you’re doing it right!

Some warm-ups to follow :

1. A brisk walk

2. Jumping jacks

3. Skipping

4. Full body stretching

5. Squats

6. Hip extensions

How long should a warm-up be?

Pro-tip - the more intense your workout is, the longer your warm-up should be!

 An average of 5-10 minutes must be good for a warm-up. Try mimicking the type of exercises/movements you will perform in your workout to loosen the muscles groups!

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