Kunal Rajput is a certified coach from Energy Kettlebell Fitness Academy and hosts workshops for Nike Training Club. He is the only Indian male trainer of Nike Training Club as Nike focuses on empowering women to enter the field of fitness. Along with the above, he also founded The Movement, which is a six-day fitness regimen incorporating workouts like CrossFit, powerlifting, calisthenics, and bodyweight training.

Now, Fitternity and Kunal are coming up with a #30DAYCHALLENGE starting from 24th August 2020! This challenge, unlike any challenge you've seen before! Be it a beginner, intermediate, or advanced level athlete, any level of fitness is welcomed and this program is designed to enhance the fitness journey. Daily workout routines and nutrition advice will also be provided via an exclusive WhatsApp group by our partnered trainers and nutritionist on board.

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 After three months of working in a 9-5 job, he realized it wasn't his cup of tea. So after work, he’d visit his dad’s gym and train people there, mainly with kettlebells. So he and three others went for a kettlebell championship and ended up within three gold and one silver medal. That’s what gave his fitness journey a kickstart!

He has trained many celebrities like Rohan Joshi from AIB, former Pantaloons Miss India 2011, and others!

This is his fitness journey, are you ready to start yours with his guidance?

Check out  #30DAYCHALLENGE to get more information about the challenge which starts from 24th August 2020.