While trying to be healthy or make healthier choices in our daily life it is easy to fall for foods that are marketed as “healthy”, “sugar free”, “100% Natural”, but when you deep dive into these labels and the nutrition value, you’ll realize they do more harm than good to your body. Start your workout today with OnePass and Use code : ARTSELECT to get an exclusive discount on OnePass Virtual

Diet Soda:

Diet Soda is filled with artificial sweeteners that make your body think you are eating real food and causes a spike in insulin since artificial sweeteners are a lot sweeter than actual sugar.

Flavored instant oatmeal

Flavored oatmeal does more harm than good to your body as every single serving is packed with added sugar, and therefore, way too many unnecessary calories. It is recommended to stick to regular instant oatmeal, and add fruit and spices like nutmeg and cinnamon to add flavor which is beneficial to your health.

Dried Fruit

It may seem like a healthy choice, as it is just fruit after all. But dried fruits are packed with added sugar and sulfur dioxide to preserve freshness and flavor. Though they are still a good source of vitamins, minerals and fiber, it is recommended to eat in moderation or stick to fresh cut fruits.

Sports Drinks:

Sports drinks are a lot like glucon-D- they’re basically just sugar water with artificial food coloring. The electrolytes; which are the major reason we turn to sports drink for quick recovery is present in natural foods like coconut water and bananas, so skip the added sugar.

Flavored yogurt

Flavored yogurt is packed with more sugar than you would expect. On the other hand, plain Greek yogurt which is protein packed, with no added sugar. Good kick start to your day.

Canned Soup

May seem like a great last minute healthy dinner on a lazy day. The problem with canned soup is the sodium that comes with it. An easier solution? Make a huge batch of soup over the weekend and freeze it in small portions for the lazy last minute dinners.

Frozen Yogurt

A cup of froyo; frozen yogurt seems like a healthy treat but the problem is that most froyo serving joints- use a lot of sugar, may be as much as regular ice cream. With additional toppings of cookie crumbs, sprinkles or/and chocolate chips, it is the ultimate sugar dessert. Substitute with homemade frozen banana ice cream.

Pita Chips

Most pita chips are made with wheat flour or white flours that lack fiber and nutrients found in whole grain flour. Pita chips made with white flour/wheat flour are full of refined grains and starches.

Vegetable chips

Vegetable chips contain very little nutrients because of how they are processed. You therefore end up with chips which are highly processed and are artificially colored and flavored to taste like a vegetable.

Fruit Juice

Fruit juices that you get in the market, which says that it is 100 percent pure fruit juice is actually not only fruit juice but also packed with sugar. Packaged fruit juices have added sugar in them, which will increase your blood sugar levels in the body. Instead make your own fresh fruit juice at home, which is healthier.

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