Some major hurdles faced

  • Paid for a membership, but not able to attend and make the most of it
  • Feeling demotivated
  • Feeling lazy
  • Not liking the vibe of the fitness centre
  • Trainers don’t meet expectations
  • Bored of monotony

What if we tell you we have found the solution to all your fitness woes?

Well, we have and we are happy to present to you OnePass, Pay Per Session and Unlimited Validity Memberships!

These are revolutionary concepts, we believe, that lets you try, experience, decide and then fix on a fitness regime! We want you to start on your fitness journey with nothing to hold you back.


(noun) The coolest fitness membership that gives you access to ALL your favorite gyms and fitness centers with just ONE membership!

Enjoy limitless access across Fitternity’s 12,000+ fitness classes, gyms and sports facilities across India using OnePass: For everything health and fitness.

Pay Per Session

(verb) Pay only for the session you want to attend. No upfront payment, no membership needed!

Take multiple sessions at the same place or different places, the choice is yours! More deets here: Pay Per Session

What if we tell you that your membership will never expire?

Unlimited Validity Memberships

(noun) A sessions pack that can be purchased for your favourite gym/fitness centre but has no fixed end date. This includes short term or long term session packs.

Once you decide on which workout regime you want to follow but are unsure to commit to a full-time membership, Unlimited Validity is made for you! You save money, and you can also track your usage! Not to forget, on scanning your QR code at the gym/fitness studio, you can earn yourself some sick rewards worth INR 25,000 under FitSquad!

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