It was the last day of the year and you had a blast partying and drinking the night away. The next morning is a bit of a blur. There might be a headache, difficulty leaving the bed, the dreaded hangover is here you might think ‘there goes my resolution’. But hey, wait up! This might actually be a good time to start working on the resolution. Exercise helps relieve a hangover and fresh air works wonders for your moo. You just need to pick a fitness routine that works well with your choice of poison, we tell you how.

Sex & The City-ing The Night Away

If you had a night that was straight out of Sex and the City, chilling with your girlfriends, sipping on cosmopolitans and checking out the hot boys at the bar, then you might have a mild heaviness the next morning. Cocktails are potent, but people tend to have them in small doses. This is a great sign, you feel heavy but not dead and so you can actually move from the bed, hydrate a little and go for a jog. Being outside will be a great way to start the year and you can continue checking out the hot boys on a run. It is a win-win situation.

How I Met My Next Girlfriend 

The next morning is bound to be a sluggish one, if you spent New Year’s eve chilling at the local bar and chugging beer after beer. Beer makes you slow and all the calories start making a way for your stomach, making you feel heavy. The best way to deal with it is, hydrate yourself and then do some light exercises. You can opt for sequence featuring crunches, planks, bridge and top it off with Suryanamaskar. Even a 15 minute workout will help keep the calories far away from your belly and the headache far away from you.

Channeling The Mad Men Within

If you started drinking whiskey or rum early in the day and kept going till late at night, then a headache and body ache are sure to be a reality the next day. Don’t fret, you had a blast and we have a solution for you. Heading to a yoga class will definitely make you feel better. Oxygen will be pumped into the body and you will be relaxed enough to enjoy the first day of the year. That hangover will be a thing of the past year.

The Hangover

There is no going back from a night that replicated The Hangover. You definitely had a great time, but can’t recollect most of it, everything is a blur, the sun seems like a mortal enemy and your body is absolutely exhausted. Despite the difficulties, muster the courage to leave the bed, put on some soothing music and go for a walk. You will feel much better, great episodes from the night will come back and you will resist the urge to curse yourself for your choices. Your body will be charged up and you will feel much better with some fresh air in your system.


If all these do not help and you are just not in a state to move, don’t worry just go through fitness options available on and make a plan for the year. Something is definitely better than nothing. 

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