Learn the famous signature dance steps and burn fat the exciting way with the top 7 dance classes online! Never miss a chance to dance even at home.


Find and build your dancing skills with Danceworx from Mumbai. They want you to be in an environment of fun, love and values while dancing with them. Become a dancer with Danceworx at INR 200 per session.

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Catch the choreography for the most trendy songs with Dancamaze from Mumbai. Their easy but crazy footsteps will set the stage on fire! Join them for INR 250 per session and shake that body!

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3.Bhangra Dynasty

Get the feeling of total euphoria at the end of the session with Bhangra Dynasty from Gurgaon! An hour of cardio Bhangra for INR 300 per session will surely take away any blues you might have!

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4. The Square

Are you ready for a fun-filled Bollywood dance workout with The Square from Mumbai? Learn the famous signature Bollywood dance steps and get a perfect body workout at INR 250 per session. Try Bollywood to reduce belly fat!

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5. Change

Need a change from your regular workout routine? Head onto a session with Change from Mumbai for INR 299 per session. Speed up your fitness journey with a high-intensity dance workout!

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6. Meraki Performing Arts Studio


Work your core in a Latin rhythmic dance workout with Meraki Performing Arts Studio from Mumbai. Learn a faced pace Latin dance workout and grab your partner if you can for INR 350 per session!

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7.The Vibe Studio

Jam with The Vibe Studio from Mumbai on fast beat songs to burn calories the exciting way. Create the dancing vibe at home for INR 350 per session! 

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You don’t have to be a professional to dance, you just have to enjoy it!

So, head onto www.fitternity.com to get those moves! 

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