Black coffee has many benefits - improved memory, good for the liver, cleanses your stomach but did you know what role it plays in enhancing your athletic performance and it has become a famous pre-workout drink? Make black coffee a part of your workout and start your fitness journey with OnePass. Use code : ARTSELECT to get an exclusive discount on OnePass Virtual

(However, have it in reasonable amounts to stay healthy)

1. Coffee Increases Metabolism

Every athlete wishes to have a good metabolic rate ( the rate at which the body burns energy) and black coffee supports this need! It enhances the metabolic rate during ingestion and it is proven that black coffee helps fat burning during and a few hours after a workout. So try and consume one/two cups of black coffee one hour before a workout to see results. Keynote - excess of black coffee would not many much different. Extra consumption does not make a difference, smaller amounts are enough to achieve the desired results.

2. Coffee Helps Burn Fat 

Due to the high levels of caffeine that exists in coffee, it helps to burn fat. The well-known fact of caffeine - reduces appetite, which means if you consume black coffee during breakfast or as your evening snack - you consume lesser calories. The science behind it is - when caffeine enters the bloodstream, the body’s blood pressure starts to rise which results in fat being broken down and fatty acids being released to the bloodstream, this is why people feel energetic after drinking black coffee.

3.Coffee Enhances Athletic Performance

Black coffee can make it possible for a person to train longer and with a better performance each time because of caffeine. Now improving endurance can not only be done by exercising but also with the help of caffeine. Because - caffeine forces the body to use the fat stored instead of the glycogen (sugar) during longer workouts. 

4. Coffee Improves Mental Focus

It is proven that coffee can improve mental focus. It has an impact on the brain areas which are responsible for concentration as well as memory. It is important to stay focused during workouts as it tends to be more productive and effective for the overall body. Studies show that caffeine intake by athletes pre-workout results in higher concentration benefiting the athlete to sustain a high-intensity workout. 

Every fitness enthusiast must have experienced muscle pain after a high-intensity workout. A study provides a solution for this - drinking one/two cups of coffee reduces post-workout muscle pain by - 50 %. So if you face a problem of keeping up with the sets of exercise and need the energy, you can consume black coffee and see the difference. 

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