Decided to hit the gym to start working on all your New Year Resolutions. This is might be a great time to also score a date. Your confidence will be on the rise and what could be a better way to push a few notches higher?

1. Ask for Help
Most guys love the idea of being the one who saves you or helps you out. They will be more than flattered if you asked them to help you out with some exercise or gym equipment. Bat those beautiful doe-eyes while you are at it and you’re sure to win him over. You go girl!

2. Eye Contact

This is the easiest way to get anyone’s attention, at the bar, the gym, or a walk in the park. Just be confident and meet that hottie’s eyes. Do this for a week and you are sure to be closer to a date. “Aakhon hi aakhon main ishara ho jayega”

3. Be Approachable/ Don’t bite their head off

It might be difficult for someone to approach you if you seem like you’ll bite their head off. A smile here, a nod there, a friendly conversation, will all go a long way to give confidence to the one you have your eyes on.

4. Be Seen

If you a pick machine in the corner of the gym or pick a place in the back row at the exercise class, no one will be able to look at you. Be seen at the gym, pick equipment in the middle of the room and kill it. Anyone will be impressed looking at you owning the machine. 

5. Wear bright clothes

Bold personalities stand out anywhere and standing out at the work out is the best way to get attention. Just be careful not to look overdressed and avoid make-up or you might run the risk of looking like this. 

6. Drop the Towel

Remember the ‘bend and snap’ from Legally Blonde, if done subtly it is quite a winner. So strategically drop the towel and bend to pick it up. The guy will be mighty impressed and get the push he needs to make the move.

7. Share the machine

If the person of interest is particularly biased towards one machine, it might help if you share it with him/her. This will give you an opening to start a conversation. Also, sharing is caring, they might be grateful that you decided to share the machine and not oust them from it. 

8. Take it slow

All these methods might be easy to try out, but don’t rush into anything. Take some time and maybe try a combination over a period of time. First smile at him, then maintain some eye contact, drop the towel and finally share the machine. Taking it slow also increases the mystery element, only making you more desirable. 

9. Genuinely compliment 

Who doesn’t like receiving a genuine compliment from time to time? Stop by his/her exercising spot and give a genuine compliment, they are sure to know you are interested. 

10. Be Friendly

The most important factor to be noticed is to be friendly. Friendliness is infectious and people around you will definitely take notice of that. 

11. Make the first move

Most people like a confident person. So if all the hints are not working, then make the first move. You’ll definitely make an impression and score a date. 

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