Quirky Workouts

Bungee Workout

Bungee workout is a new method of high-intensity work out. Here, the participants strap themselves to a Bungee rope that is suspended from the ceiling allowing them to do different maneuvers like plunging to the floor, hanging upside down, jumping off the wall or any other movement they feel like, hence working the whole body and helping to build muscle strength. It can be done individually or as a group. This particular workout combines aerial aerobics and dance, making it very enjoyable.


Anti-Gravity Yoga



Anti-Gravity Yoga is a kind of workout where a series of exercises inspired by Yoga, Pilates, Calisthenics and aerial acrobatics are performed with the help of an aerial swing hammock. The hammock, which can support over 300 Kgs, is used as a swing and yoga postures that are usually difficult to perform on the ground can be performed easily on it. This gives the person a whole body workout.


Rock Climbing


Rock Climbing also known as bouldering is more of a sport than a workout where the person has to climb an artificial rock wall. This doesn't require much experience nor any pieces of equipment, as it only requires climbing shoes, safety mat and a bag of chalk to get a better grip on the rocks while climbing.




Swimming is one of the best workouts out there as it works your core, arms, legs, glutes, and back. This, in turn, gives you strength and flexibility to your body. Compared to other workouts it’s easier on your joints, so people from any age group can be involved in it. It is also known to maintain healthy lungs as swimming regularly can help process oxygen more efficiently.


Weapons Training, Gymnastics, Muay Thai

Muay Thai -  Muay Thai aka “Art of eight limbs” is a combat sport that originated in Thailand that has a combination of kicks, punches, knees, and elbows, which is performed with a lot of control,power, and precision.It is easy to learn and burns a lot of calories per session, and the best part is you don’t need to be in shape to start training for Muay Thai.


Weapons Training - Weapons Training combines workouts like cross training, body attack and calisthenics to give the body better coordination, a stronger core and better balance.



Belly Dance


Belly dance is a form of dance where the person has to move various muscles or muscle groups independently, especially the belly. Belly dance as a workout involves different parts of the body, where you have to do small but fast and continuous movements to create a variety of complex movements which in turn improves the flexibility of the torso and help in building strength on the back, shoulders, and arms.


Lyrical Yoga

Lyrical yoga is a form of yoga where dance movements and breathing techniques are put together to work the mind and the body simultaneously. It brings out more self-awareness, calming our mind and helps in relaxing the body. It is designed on the idea that there is a natural rhythm to body and when it is discovered, it helps in the flow of your body and explore your own uniqueness.





Salsa is a form of social dance where the dancers create movements by shifting their weights along with arm and shoulder movements. Salsa is a very enjoyable way to workout as it is fast paced and very effective for people who want to lose the extra weight. Salsa also helps in improving your social skills, memory and emotional health.


Classical Pilates


Classical Pilates is a method of working out using controlled movements of our body. It mainly focuses on building a strong core, through various breathing and controlling methods, as it is considered to be one of the most important parts of our body. Pilates, if practised regularly will help in the flexibility and strength of our body, also boosting brain power.



Folk Fitness


Folk fitness is a form of dancing where different types of folk dances along with basic exercises are choreographed into an intense workout session. As each folk dance focus on the movements of different body parts it gives the person a full body workout, hence burning a lot of calories per session. Not only does it educate you on various folk dances, it also increases your flexibility and concentration.


Death by Monkey


Death by Monkey is a form of intense, high cardio, high endurance workout which is designed around three variables: load, speed and distance. It helps you be ready to participate in any sports by building your stamina and toning the muscles.


Dance Therapy (Creative Movement)


Dance therapy is a form of therapy in which the basic idea is to bring together motion and emotion to solve physical and psychological issues. Dance therapy helps in developing communication skills and help in developing dynamic relationships.




High Intensity Interval Training is a form of workout, where high intensity exercises are done in short frequencies along with low intensity recovery periods. Due to the high intensity of the workout, a lot of calories are lost in a short period of time and the metabolic rate of our body increases for quite some time after the workout.


Fitness in Water


Fitness in water is a type of therapy where a certified aquatic therapist personally provides treatment sessions tailored to your needs. Fitness in Water is mainly for people who suffer from neuromuscular or musculoskeletal disorders. Water resistance training, endurance training and aerobic conditioning are all done in order to improve flexibility, balance, and coordination, while building muscle strength, cardiovascular endurance, and aerobic capacity.


Toning Tables


Toning table is a type of machine that is used to strengthen

the muscle and increase the flexibility of our body. Toning tables increase the overall strength motor response by by continuously stretching our muscles in a repeated motion during the workout. The gentle repetitive movements of the table is safe for people with mobility problems. Hence making it suitable for all ages.


Ninja Movement


Ninja Movement training is a form of workout that has influences of karate, boxing, taekwondo, tai chi and muay thai. It is a type of functional training where bands, balls, free-weights, and plyometric exercises are used in the workout, which increases its intensity. This in turn helps the person condition his body in an unstable environment.