These days there is no dearth of options to keep fit. Gone are the times when only the gym or an evening walk were your go to options, the world of fitness is constantly expanding and new and exciting forms are added every single day. One such addition is cross-functional training that dwells on the exercises using the human body weight mostly, with some weights but no external machines. Check out these top cross-functional training studios in the city that are creating quite a buzz all over!

1. CrossFit 3607, Punjabi Bagh

At CrossFit 3607, the exercises are varied and may include sprints, body weight exercises, rope climbs, box jumps, and exercises using cable machines, barbells, dumbbells, medicine balls, kettlebells, rowing machines, and suspension systems. You won’t be on your own, winging it, like at typical gyms. You’ll get individualized attention from a professional instructor, whether you sign up for one-on-one coaching or the hour-long classes.

Check out CrossFit 3607, Punjabi Bagh

2. CrossFit Create, Lajpat Nagar

 A fitness facility with the latest workouts and fitness equipment to ensure you leave feeling great, not just the first time, but every time you workout. Workout-friendly interiors and result-oriented fitness classes are at the core of this fitness studios conception. It is here to fire-up metabolism and amp-up the fun factor with workout routines for different age groups with varied interests.

Check out CrossFit Create, Lajpat Nagar

3. Raw CrossFit, Model Town

Raw CrossFit is your one-stop shop for all your group exercise concerns. They have a highly qualified team of experts who are passionate about leading you to your fitness goals. By creating a dynamic atmosphere, their mission is to serve you with the most fulfilled and exciting one hour you will have exercising.

Check out Raw CrossFit, Model Town

4. Strength Box, Derawal Nagar  

A happy workout is a healthy one! At Strength Box, you get to experience a unique combination of different forms of workout that make it not so monotonous and a lot of fun! The guys at this box are known for their excellent team of trainers and set of equipment along with an all-inclusive group activities batch. Special mention to Breakletics conducted here under the best trainers!

Check out Strength Box, Derawal Nagar

5. BackToBasics CrossFit, Vasant Kunj

If you want to know why they say strong is the new sexy, you have got to give cross-functional training a try! Known for their varied workout routines involving functional movements and Olympic weightlifting regimes, it is highly unlikely to repeat a workout routine at this box. They believe in community training and conduct workouts in batches.

Check out BackToBasics CrossFit, Vasant Kunj

6. Cult The Workout Station, Nehru Place

Don't like machines? Then Cult - The Workout Station is your go-to option for a machine free workout. Their rustic no-nonsense facility and an excellent selection of trainers from across, is sure to keep you excited for your fitness regime. The idea is to provide a healthy mix of workouts through the week that not only enhance your endurance on the whole, but also inspire a lasting lifestyle change; that is sure to help you achieve fitness levels you didn't know existed.

Check out Cult The Workout Station, Nehru Place

7. CrossFit Himalaya, Chattarpur

Are you ready to say goodbye to the fancy machines that work more than your muscles do and get ready to work up a sweat with free weight and body weight movements? No more of that unnatural air-conditioned environment either- it's back to basics with workouts at CrossFit Himalaya. Get ready to take home a report card showing your progress.

Check out CrossFit Himalaya, Chattarpur             

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