So last week we told you all about cheat days and why they’re actually good for you when regulated, this time around we thought we’d venture out and find the best places in the city where you can execute a perfect cheat meal and still be able to control the amount of calories/saturated fats you take in. Let’s face it, it’s one meal where you’re letting your guard down, and once we’ve got you covered with the “it’s-relatively-healthier” bit, going out is actually a better alternative than waiting for your double cheese burst deep dish pizza to arrive – all the while secretly hoping it gets delayed and you eat for free!

Anyway, a few things to look out for that are always a safety net for you to not feel guilty about your cheat meal are hummus, beetroot, fennel, spinach, spices, anything with salmon works, almonds are always good, etc etc… they’re all basic items that should feature on your list regardless of cheat day.

Now, let’s see what all you could try on this, your one day of cheatdom!

Number one on our list is Gostana, featuring in both Khar and Lower Parel, a cosy little café, which is best described as a paradise for burger lovers, although the entire menu contains very healthy yet delicious options. From the Spinach and Cottage Cheese to the Butter Chicken Burger, the hummus sandwich to the potato salad, there’s something for everyone to indulge without the guilt!

Cheat Clean, Churchgate, is exactly what you think it is. A dine-in option isn’t available just yet but on offer for delivery are scrumptious cookies and brownies, chocolates and assorted snacks, all made with the healthiest of ingredients!

Saltwater Café is a favorite among the folks who prefer a touch of gourmet with a hint of pretention. However, with an inimitable menu, which features some beautiful healthy options – catering to vegetarians just as well as non-vegetarians – including the pan-seared salmon with beetroot béarnaise and green apple salsa, poached pear salad with blue cheese and grapes, and so much more.

For a true-blue vegetarian meal that’s high on flavor and low on saturated fats and calories, head over to Café Jiwa, where the menu is as fun as a DIY project, and even the desserts feature freshly made rotis with Jiwa’s homegrown flour.

Venture out to Lower Parel and head up the stairs of the Good earth store, for a delicious meal of salads, soups, and more at The Tasting Room – be sure to order a watermelon and feta salad no matter what!

Let’s just admit it, one either adores sushi or completely detests it. For those of you who’re absolutely nuts for some nori, the cute little sushi rolls actually come with a whole bevy of health benefits. Traditional sushi rolls made with raw fish, vegetables, rice and nori – which is a type of seaweed – are low in calories. For example, a salmon cucumber roll contains just 231 calories and 4 grams of fat! Nori is packed with vitamins, whereas most fishes are bursting with protein and omega-3, spicy wasabi contains antioxidants and pickled ginger is an antimicrobial and antiviral agent. You could kip the soy sauce, though, as it’s loaded with sodium. For those looking for an all-out experience, try the 7 course meal at Aoi or head over to Kofuku.

So, even when it’s the day of your cheat meal, make sure you hold your horses on the saturated fats, the cheeseburgers, the thick steaks, without compromising on the satisfaction of a cheat meal.

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