We all have heard the benefits of working out and how, especially for Indian mothers, working out is the solution to practically EVERYTHING! But they aren’t very far from the truth, getting a little bit of exercise every day is definitely good for you, especially when we are talking about better performance in bed. And no we are not going to ask you to join a gym or run the marathon, though that too is never a bad idea, we are are going to be telling you about some specific exercises that will help boost stamina, improve flexibility and built a stronger core. So are you ready?

Kegels Exercises for your pelvic floor muscles

Strong pelvic muscles help increase sensitivity leading to a better orgasm for women and lower symptoms of erectile dysfunction in men.

Kegel exercises are best known to work on the pelvic muscles and tend to show results as early as 4 weeks after starting them. The best part? You can do them anytime, anywhere. At your office, while traveling, or watching Tv. The goal is to understand which muscles to target and you can discreetly fit in the workout literally anywhere!

Here is how you do them:

  • To understand which muscles need to be targeted, just clench your muscles as if you are trying to hold back from peeing. Relax & tighten the muscles without tightening your hips, thighs or your abdominal muscles.

  • Once you are familiar with the muscles and get a hand of controlling the right muscles, the goal is to keep your pelvic muscles tightened for as long as possible.

  • Progressively increase the squeeze duration and the number of reps until you tire.

  • Work up to 5-second squeezes, relaxing between each contraction. Do this for 10 times to complete one set.

Kegels are a beneficial exercise for men too. They improve endurance and control by toning of muscles.


Do the plank (We know being on top is awesome)

Holding the plank is one of the most effective ways to gain strength and increase your endurance. Plank helps you strengthen your arms, very important for missionary and like we said, on-top positions. They also work on your core to make it stronger, especially useful to improve thrust and supports your back to prevent injury.

How to Do a Plank:

  • Get in the push-up position: Plant the hands directly under the shoulders, wider than shoulder-width apart by a few inches.

  • Extend your legs backward, toes touching the floor without bending the knees. Your head should be in line with your back.

  • Stay in that position while engaging your core, squeeze your butt cheeks together and hold that position for at least 20 seconds, then rest for a few seconds.

  • The aim is to increase the duration of the plank at a stretch.

  • Do one to ten reps a day.

Planking is a simple exercise but an effective one that uses your bodyweight to build strength and endurance making it the complete body workout.


Because, well your planks need to be more practical in bed. On a more technical note, the humble push-up builds upper body and arm strength, especially your shoulders and triceps.

Advantage: Push-ups are a full body workout that tone a large number of muscles in your body. They majorly help tone arms, core, and lower body.

So let’s get to the how to do a Push up:

  • Assume a face-down position on the floor with your hands shoulder-width apart pressing the floor. Feet together.

  • Raise yourself using your arms. Ensure your body is forming a straight line from your head to heals. (Basically, the plank that you just did)

  • Repeat lowering your body and raising it again. Each one counts as a single push up. Continue to do as many as you can. Keep increasing the count with each day for better strength.


We all know how helpful squats are when it comes to toning and getting your legs and booty in shape. But that’s not all, squats are also known to increase blood flow to the pelvic region and also increase testosterone levels making orgasms a lot more intense (now who wouldn’t like that?). Additionally, squats strengthen your lower body for better thrusting as well as for the times when you would want to be on top (are you listening ladies?)

How to do them:

  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart or slightly wider.

  • Toes pointed outward

  • Look straight ahead with chest held up and out

  • Sit down like you are sitting on an imaginary chair

  • Ensure your knees do not cross in front of your toes

  • Move up and down very slowly and do 10-30 reps every day

Upward facing dog:

This upward-facing dog exercise comes handy when it is about strengthening your lower back, glutes, and arms for better stamina in bed. Used in Surya Namaskar, the yogis believe this exercise helps increase blood flow to the pelvic region.

How to do it:

  • Lie on your stomach with your feet hip-distance apart

  • Toes pointed towards the floor, place palms on your hand next to your chest

  • Raise your knees, hips, and torso by pressing your hands down firmly

  • Slightly tilt your head backward

  • Hold the pose for a few seconds

  • Repeat

Pelvic Lifts:

A strong core and lower back is the key to better sex, which can be achieved by doing a few sets of pelvic lifts each day. They help loosen and strengthen your pelvic region at the same time.

How to do a Pelvic lift:

  • Lie down on the floor flat, with your knees bent with feet flat on the floor hip-distance apart

  • Lift your pelvis off the floor by raising your hips as high as possible

  • Squeeze your buttocks together and hold this position for as long as possible

  • Repeat

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