Whether you admit to it or not, whether you actually use product or not, all men out there are really into washing their face. We’ve passed the age when scruffy meant grubby and the alpha man had to look rugged, it’s about having good clear skin now and the importance of having a clean, fresh looking face today cannot be stressed upon hard enough. The results of not washing up can get ugly: dry skin, ingrown facial hairs, acne or oily skin.  And you don’t really need expensive flowery gels and foams to take care of your face – just a basic wash or scrub.

The needs of the modern day man has changed and thanks to the ever-expanding range of products, they no longer need to feel guilty about using face wash. Products specifically designed for men have inspired many to openly using them, trying the latest variety that gets launched, and overall upping their hygiene quotient. However, a lot of guys just don’t feel the need for creams and gels and foams, and consider their soap the be-all end-all of body care – that works too! Washing your face is technically quite a simple, perfunctory process but there are certain ways in which you can go wrong. So here it is gents, the definitive list of common mistakes we all make while washing our faces:

#1 Don’t Overdo It

This tops our list for obvious reasons. When you wash your face too often, you repeatedly expose it to the dirt and germs around you. Remember, doing this also speeds up the aging of your skin – especially if you use a bar of soap, which is technically designed for your body and not the skin on your face. The higher pH levels in it spell dehydration for your skin and will only make you look tired.

#2 Know Your Skin

It’s an absolute no-no for you to pick up a tube of the same face wash as your friend. Everyone has a unique skin-type and certain products do not work well with certain types. Ask an expert, or just a friend who understands what product works for what kind of skin. As a general rule, avoid using products that are too harsh or synthetic, anything loaded with chemicals is just bad for the skin in the long run.

#3 Wash And Sleep

As much as you want to crash after a long day, you should always wash your face before sleeping. According to a New York based research, not washing your face before bed can clog your pores, and that means that the oil normally secreted by the pores can get trapped, causing a build up of dead skin cells and eventually breakouts. So make sure you scrub off the dirt and grime of your day off the money-maker before you sleep!

#4 Wash Before You Shave

Oil and dirt on your face make it hard for the razor to travel smoothly over your skin, which affects the quality of your shave. Also, a clean face gives you a closer shave, reduces the chances of acne breakouts and razor burn. What’s best is to have a shower and wash your face afterwards with warm water – remember if the water is too hot it dehydrates your skin!! This stimulates your skin, opens up your pores, softens the hairs and makes it easier for the razor to make contact.

#5 Gentle Pats Not A Towel Scrub 

Immediately after washing up, the water starts evaporating from the skin leaving it dry. In the colder days, or when you just don’t want your face to be a drippy mess, chances are you’re burying your face into the towel and scrubbing it dry furiously. Wrong! This only further dries up the skin and increases your chances of wrinkles. Instead, gently pat dry the skin with a nice clean towel – preferably a separate one from the towel you use on your body after a shower.

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