We have all have busy days and have multiple things to tick off from our task lists. During such times, it is difficult to take some time out for our wellness, to exercise. It is the easiest thing to procrastinate and pass on the opportunity to work out. While it may not be the most wise thing to do, that is what most of us end up doing. With multiple research studies saying that exercising can help in boosting the productivity & dealing with stress, we all should focus on making bare minimum time for our own well-being.

Here are some ways you can make time for workouts & ensure you are active:

Early To Bed & Early To Rise

Waking up early has proven beneficial in improving overall health of individuals.  If you’re worried about not getting enough rest, you could start with going 30 minutes earlier to bed, which will inturn help you in waking up earlier. 


World Health Organisation recommends 75–150 minutes of high intensity activity in a week to follow a healthy lifestyle. Getting a quick 20-minute workout can also help you stay focused on your tasks for the rest of the day. You can choose to brisk walk, practice yoga or do a qucik HIIT session. 

Check out these links for some at-home workouts that are also beginner friendly:

Walk & Talk

With most of us continuing to work-from-home, we end up spending most of our work day being sedentary & working. To ensure you are active, you can take walk around your workspace while you take your calls. This can ensure you hit the steps goal in a day.

Take The Stairs

Taking the stairs is a very small thing to do but will go a long way in ensuring your stamina is good. You could start off with getting off one floor before your destination floor and take the stairs. This will help you, and slowly you can start increasing the numbers of floors you climb up or climb down. You will eventually reach a point where you are comfortable to take the stairs without feeling breathless. 

Guided Meditation

Workout is not just for your body but for your mind too. At the end of the day, you are tired from all the hard work that you have done. Just before bed, you can do a 20-minute guided meditation that can help you relieve some stress and ensure you get a good night’s sleep.

These are minor changes that you can make to your lifestyle if you think you are not able to make time to workout. If you do start incorporating these changes into your daily routine, you can ensure that you stay regular by setting goals that can help you identify why you want to be fit. Check out this article on five realistic goals you can set before you start working out to know more about the kind of goals you can set for yourself.

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