From all of our crazy new year resolutions or our famous excuses to start our fitness program from Monday to eat that last bite of our favorite food to all the best ways to procrastinate to start with our fitness routine.

Well to be honest almost all of us have been in such situations as we barely know that exercise or having an activity to do daily has way more to offer to our body than just weight loss.

Therefore in this article, we would discuss what are the great benefits that are associated with exercise and why you should spend at least 45 minutes of your day in exercise.

1. It reduces the risk of chronic disease

-As we grow and age, the chances of getting diseases and facing health conditions increase to a very great extent and somehow the credit goes to our sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits.

Diseases like Diabetes, blood pressure, hypertension, obesity, and health conditions associated with inflammation tend to approach and damage our body at a good place if one doesn't spend a little time towards exercise or any physical activity.

Since our bodies are treated with light to moderate exercise every day, it will surely thank you for keeping medical conditions away from us in the longer run.

2.It improves your mental health

-When you exercise or perform any physical activity, your body secretes and releases happy hormones that instantly make you happy and give a little feeling of achieving a goal or task as any workout is surrounded around that.

Also, it adds a layer of mental clarity as well, thus if you are in such a situation where you might not be able to make clear decisions, going for a quick walk is the best solution to get over mind fog and to have a clear and composed mind.

Exercise or any physical activity is therapeutic.

3. It helps in losing weight and makes you fit

-One of the most attractive reasons why most people workout is it helps in losing weight, well whatever be your reasons, the main objective should be to workout.

As when you work out your body burns a good amount of calories that helps you to stay in the state of a calorie deficit, which results in some fat burn or weight loss as you say.

Hence pick any kind of workout that you like and do it every day with moderate to light intensity.

4.Improves your self-confidence

Exercise helps you to build discipline, it makes you put out of your comfort zone  and stick to the commitment that you laid on the starting of your fitness journey that somehow truly helps to boost your morale and self-confidence as you are committed to your fitness regime and strict with your diet, which over a period of time builds a great foundation of high self-esteem and confidence 

and no brainers that you look fit than what you used to be before working out, which also improves your mood and self-confidence.

5. Improves your energy levels

-When you start your fitness journey or exercise program, your body gets in the loop or a habit to meet out and perform a certain set of physical activities, which is performed on a regular basis helps your body to be ready for any set of challenges that leads to the improvement in one's energy levels

Don't trust us? Try it for yourself, join any gym or pick any kind of physical activity that you enjoy, be it walking, running, yoga, jumping rope, etc and do it consistently for 7 days and you will feel a surge in your energy levels for sure.


Bottom Line:-

Therefore exercise is just not meant for weight loss as discussed, although weight loss is one of many benefits that a regular exercise program will benefit you but apart from this exercise is great for your mental and physical wellbeing. 

And these were some of the many reasons why you should not procrastinate to start your exercise regime.


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