In layman terms, interval training is a type of workout which involves a series of high-intensity workouts alternating with low intensity or rest periods. Start with a 30-second high interval training and include a 60-second recovery period if you’re beginning, slowly with more such workout sessions you can change the period of your intervals according to your ability. The key point here is to start slow and increase your intensity levels with each set to last longer.

With the below benefits and safety precautions, you can Include an interval training workout in your workout!

Benefits -

1. Strengthen multiple muscle groups at the same time

2. The body continues to burn calories for up to 48 hours after your workout

3. Does wonder for your heart

4. Strengthens your immune system

5. Builds lean muscle tissue faster than steady-state training

Precautions - 

1. Set realistic goals, you’re endurance will grow with time, increase the difficulty level each day as per your ability, don’t rush into high-intensity workouts immediately

2. Try and involve exercises which will help you maintain a steady and equal pace throughout the workout

3.Train on a smooth and flat floor or surface

4. Make sure to warm up and cold down before and after your workout

5. Wisely plan your workout schedule and include an interval training, as it is a high-intensity workout, it shouldn’t be done daily

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