Here are 5 reasons why you should workout

Better skin health 

When one exercise, they raise their heart rate which results in increased blood flow. The oxygen and nutrients carried by the blood throughout the body help to keep the cells healthy, including the skin! It promotes collagen production and new skin cells which makes the skin glow!

Better sex life 

Exercising regularly helps to strengthen the cardiovascular system, as learned above, it also improves blood circulation, flexibility, and body toning. These points help to improve one’s sex life. Body image is also strongly related to one’s sexual satisfaction, so working out and getting the dream body/ mental satisfaction boosts confidence and sex drive.

Reduce day to day stress

Studies have shown that exercises are known as “de-stressor” and aerobic exercise help to curb stress hormones (adrenaline and cortisol)  and increasing the body system with feel-good endorphins! So on a busy workday, ditch the deadlines for an hour and workouts stress-free!

Ease the mind and help you think correctly 

Exercises play an important role in improving cognitive functions. It helps you think sharper, improves memory, and thinking. As read above, it increases the release of feel better endorphins and these also help in concentration!

Makes you love your body more

We often damage our body with excess junk and working out is a way of giving respect to the body and loving it for the wonderful things they do for you! For whatever reason you workout, by the end of a session you release that your body can do much more and there is more to life with a beautiful workout!

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