We are almost five months into 2021 and this year has only made us realise that we have to focus on our well-being while we work another year from home. Many of us may not have started working out last year when our peers were aceing the at-home workouts. Don’t worry, it’s never too late to start exercising and setting on a path of getting a healthy body. 

If you are new to the world of fitness, here are some goals that you can start off with, and that will help you in the long run -

Start Slow - Learn The Basics

If there was one thing that I could go back in time and tell myself, it would have been to start slow with the basics. It is important to ease your body into working out rather than shocking it with complicated moves in the very beginning. Your body might take time to recover from the advanced level moves and it may leave you demotivated to work out. Here is how you can accomplish this goal:

  • Start with doing beginner-level workouts that will not tire you out too much and will keep you motivated to do at least 10 repetitions.
  • Start off with a 15-minute exercise routine that will help you get your body moving and prepared for the longer workouts that you will be doing a few weeks thereon.

Stretch Well

Stretching is one of the most important things to start off with before you work out. It helps strengthen your muscles and ensures you avoid getting injured. With the kind of sedentary lifestyle that many of us lead, working out without stretching well can cause muscle strain and may prevent you from working out. Studies have shown that stretching at regualr intervals during the day can help one improve one’s health significantly. Here is how you can accomplish this goal:

  • You can include stretching to be part of your workout routine and in that way you will never have to make time separately for it.
  • Stretches can also be included in the warm up and cool down parts of your workout as they will help you work out better.

Perfecting your form

Now that you have decided to work out, you check some videos online for easy workout routines that will help you kickstart your fitness journey. While you may find them easy, you may or may not be doing it correctly. If you do not work out with the right form, you may causing more damage to your muscles than strengthening them. Wrong forms while working out have been known to cause several long term damage or injuries. Proper form & breathing can help you use your energy efficiently while working the muscles well and proves your workout to be an effective one. Here is how you can accomplish this goal:

  • In the last 1 year, multiple virtual fitness classes have been introduced and have been helping many people stay on track with their fitness goals. Many of these classes offer the guidance that beginners require. You can sign up for these classes and workout under professional supervision and can do it from the comfort of your home.

Eat Healthy

Eating nutritious food is one of the main factors that makes up to almost 70% of your workout routine. The food you eat gives you the right amount of nutrients and energy that you will use to power through your workout. Here is how you can accomplish this goal:

  • Plan your meals in advance as it will help your save time when you have to cook them. Instead of acting on your hunger, you will be able to make informed decisions if you plan in advance about what you will be having for your meals.
  • Snacking on healthy alternatives like nuts, seeds, fruits, yogurt can also be beneficial.

Have A Purpose

The first step to working out for your own wellbeing would be have a purpose. This will help your hold yourself accountable for working towards your fitness goals. You need to ask yourself why you want to work on your fitness - is it because you want olose weight? Is it because you want to build stamina? - it can be anything that motivates you to push yourself. Here is how you can accomplish this goal:

  • Write down some goals on a post-it and stick them where you can always see them. These goals can be about what you want to achieve in life, work-wise, fitness-wise, etc. Seeing them every day will help you realise why you want to do this in the first place.
  • Give yourself some compliments when you achieve even the tiniest workout goal. Your body has worked very hard to help you achieve the goals and feeling positive about your body can help in improving your mindset drastically.

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