1. Kalaripayattu

Another name for this form is “Mother OF All Martial Arts”. It originated from Kerala and the name is derived from the word Karari - meaning a school or training hall where martial arts is taught! In this form, one is taught how to fight without weapons and is practiced to achieve physical fitness. 

2. Silambam

A form very similar to the above mentioned one, this originated from Tamil Nadu. Although it is a weapon-based martial art form, the weapons are not easily found in the world. This form makes use of animal moves and smart fighting strategies.

3. Thang Ta (Huyen Langlon)

Originated from Manipur, this martial art form is also known as “Huyen Langlon”. Thang Ta also means “sword and spear” is a popular martial art form that is practiced with swords, spears, and daggers yet a very sophisticated form. 

4. Kushti (Malla Yuddha)

The martial arts form that was developed during the Mughal Empire is also a form of traditional wrestling. This form is practiced in a few locations of India and Kolhapur is a city where it is very popular!

5. Mardaani Khel

This martial art form originated in Maharashtra and is a weapon-based form that saw development during the Maratha dynasty, during which Kolhapur was the center of the Maratha kingdom. 

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