Is the fast track train to slim Ville a safe journey? Here are a few trends you might want to avoid:

Raw food diet

Rawists believe that cooking vegetables destroy nutrients and enzymes in the foods. That may not be true for all vegetables. For instance, cooking enhances the nutrients in tomatoes. Moreover, the diet only works for plant-based foods and not protein sources like fish and meat.

Alkaline diet

The belief is that the alkaline based foods will reduce acid levels and help you shed pounds and prevent arthritis and cancer. The fact- your body has a pH level of 3.5 which is very acidic (pH 0 being totally acidic). The body maintains this level naturally. Nothing you eat can dramatically change this level. This diet is again a vegetable-based diet and completely forbids intake of meat and dairy products.

Lemonade diet/master cleanser

As the name suggests the diet includes the intake of fluids like lemonade, maple syrup, salt water drinks, herbal laxative tea etc. In short, the diet is completely liquid based with minimum calories. Weight loss is guaranteed but you may also end up losing muscle and bone mass.

Cabbage soup diet

Cabbage is a natural fat burner. But having mostly cabbage soup, as the diet suggests, is not such a great idea. Cabbage is highly gastric. You are sure to transform into a human gas chamber much to the announce of others. It is not a lifestyle diet but a crash course to lose weight in the short run.

Sleeping beauty

The diet works on the principle that if the lack of sleep is the reason for obesity the reverse would be the antidote. Sleeping more than required has a negative effect on overall health. Also abusing sedation pills for clocking in extra sleep may lead to addiction.

Crash diets may work in the short run but are cannot be made into a lifestyle choice without grave consequences. As the famous song from by Survivor goes- “There’s no easy way out!”. Do not regret what you eat. Burn it!

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