1. Replacing the burger with an apple

Yes yes, it’s not that easy! To be more compassionate and practical, start by replacing either one of the burgers or sandwiches in your day with an apple! Stress, lack of exercise, junk food, and bad food habits create toxins in the body. So, adopting a healthy eating lifestyle can help in eliminating such harmful toxins in the body. Consuming fruits, juices or food that eliminates toxins can help to a very large extent by removing lethargy from the body. Drinking lots of water also help restore energy in the body.

2. Shine like a sun with Suryanamaskars!

Suryanamaskars (or Sun Salutations) are very good for kicking away lethargy. All yoga exercises are good for this, but the Suryanamaskar is a complete package and has a great influence on your nervous system. It works on all parts of the body and keeps you more energetic throughout the day.

3. Simply breathe it out!

Too many thoughts can drain your energy and tire you mentally. The best solution for this is breathing exercises as they bring your mind back in the present moment and help you focus better. Bhastrika Pranayama is one of the best energizers out there. Just a few rounds of Bhastrika pranayama can help boost your energy levels.

4. Rest well in meditation

When one feels lethargic, Basically, the body wants to rest. But excessive sleep brings heaviness. The more you sleep the more lethargy you accumulate. Meditation gives a deeper rest to the body than sleep. Experts suggest a healthy sleep of 6-8 hours every day to be healthy and full of energy.

5. Become a fountain of joy and enthusiasm

With consistent practice of yoga, breathing practices, and meditation can keep you fresh and energetic. This kind of lifestyle will let you have a peaceful mind, a healthy and disease-free body, and a positive spirit.

These quick tips should help you kick lethargy out of life in no time. However, if you have been feeling lethargic for a prolonged period of time, and your personal or professional life is getting affected by it, then consulting a physician is highly recommended.

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