WARNING: Too much Yoga can make you HOT!

Yoga is a practice of physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing that has been in India for a long time. This form of workout has travelled throughout the world and each and everyone across the globe has embraced yoga and made it their own.

Just like food, now, yoga also has been influenced by many ethnicities from around the globe. And of course, it would be, since yoga is the most versatile form of workout out there. It can be adapted and moulded to suit any individual's needs and is suitable for all age groups and genders.

Due to all of the influences, yoga has integrated many forms and styles over time. There are now many yoga classes and yoga styles out there that help you to achieve your mindfulness and the sense of bliss that comes after a good yoga session. There are yoga styles for people to do asanas while sitting on their chairs, yoga that is done in a room with a set temperature, yoga with music, etc.

But these next Yoga styles we have for you are gonna blow your mind! These practices take yoga to a different level!

Doga (Dog Yoga)

Doga or Dog yoga is a style of yoga that is practised with dogs. Suzi Teitelman was the one who created this trend in 2001. This form of yoga has been growing since then. 

This is a fun way for dog owners to spend quality time with their pups while also taking part in yoga. This Yoga style saw the correlation between yoga stretches and the way the animals stretch and thought of combining the two. If you see closely then you can notice the yoga movements mimicking those of the animals.

So this form of yoga is done by the owner doing the yoga as well as helping their pups do it too.

Doga is also beneficial for the pup as he/she can socialize with the other dogs and also enjoy the calm vibe that yoga is known to give off!

Goat Yoga

This may be a little hard to believe since we have never heard of goats and yoga go hand in hand, ever. But Goat Yoga is a thing!

The person responsible for the wondrous and wholesome creation is Lainey Morse of Albany, Oregon. Ever since her goat yoga classes, this type of yoga has seen steady growth in popularity. 

In Goat yoga, it is exactly what it sounds like. You do yoga while goats climb on your backs while you're doing a downward dog pose, snuggle around you when you are practicing yoga, or just make noises in your ear.

This form of yoga is perfect for people who suffer from symptoms of anxiety or depression as the cute goat faces almost take away all of your stress and leave you with a smile on your face!


Acroyoga is a type of yoga that is performed with a partner. It is a mixture of Yoga and Acrobatics. It was founded by Jenny Sauer-Klein and Jason Nemer in 2003 in the States. Jenny Sauer-Klein and Jason Nemer were a dancer and a yogi and brought the best of both worlds together to form this wonderful piece of art. 

Acroyoga has elegant poses and movements that add to it. In this form of yoga, the partners learn to lift each other and be lifted. It consists of three basic roles: the base, the flyer, and the spotter. Each of these roles has its individual duties. 

Base: The one who lies on the grounded and supports the flyer

Flyer: The one who is elevated off the ground.

Spotter: The one who has to make sure that the flyer lands safely.

Yoga Raves

Yoga Raves have two parts particularly: yoga and raves. The ‘yoga’ part is the basic yoga movements and stretches that come with it and represent a similar aspect of physical activity. The ‘raves’ part is the upbeat electronic music, the laser shows, and black lights!

This form of yoga seems like a normal rave party with the DJ, the lights, and the neon paints but excludes or doesn’t allow any partake in drugs and alcohol.

It is a unique experience and allows a diverse audience to jump for hours.

The sequence of yoga raves involves some basic Yoga before the dancing and after the dancing comes meditation. Thus forming a powerful combination of music, meditation & yoga. At the end of the evening, there’s a bar full of fruit juices & exquisite vegetarian food to indulge in.

Cannabis Yoga

One of the craziest forms of yoga you are gonna come against is Ganja Yoga (Cannabis Yoga). Cannabis yoga is a form of yoga where one practices yoga after consuming cannabis orally. Cannabis and yoga have been an ancient pairing that has been used all across the globe. 

This form of yoga is designed to help people of all ages, races, and gender to find deep relaxation. Dee Dussault was the first person to offer cannabis enhanced public classes in 2009.

Some yogis believe cannabis helps them get closer with their spiritual and physical selves which in turn contributes to their overall health.

It is meant for people who suffer from symptoms of high anxiety. Medical Cannabis is known to suppress anxiety and has many benefits such as it may improve outcomes for sleep disorders, Alzheimer’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and Parkinson’s disease. It also helps in fighting inflammation, nausea, and muscle tension.

Now that you know these crazy yoga styles that are being practised around the globe you can take this as a sign and start practising Yoga for your mental & physical well-being too.

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