We all lead busy lives with multiple commitments and deadlines. Sometimes, we are not able to give time to ourselves to do things to take care of ourselves like working out, cooking a nutritious meal or getting good quality sleep. These things might start affecting your body in ways that can cause mood swings and fluctuations in your body functions.

Firstly, remember that it happens to the best of us and it’s okay that you had to take a break due to work or illness. It’s never too late to get back or get started on your fitness journey but listening to your body & its needs is key.

Here are a few ways you can begin working out after a break - 

Start Easy

While you may be motivated to go all out on the first day, it is logical to start slow with simple exercise variations that can help ease your body into a routine. You could do assisted versions of push-ups, crunches, etc. to start building resistance. Other than strength training, you could also start with mild cardio such as walking, brisk walking or even climbing stairs.

Incorporate Movement

While it is recommended to take 10000 steps in a day for a healthy body, you can start off with achieving 3000 steps to begin with and slowly move up as and when your body allows you to. You could also take 5-minute breaks in between work every 2 hours and get in a quick walk around your space. This can drastically increase the amount of time you spend on your feet in a day and will also help you achieve those step goals.

Prioritise Nutrition

You can focus on including light, nutritious foods that could help your body feel energetic to do mild workouts. Start by including fibre-rich foods such as fruits and vegetables with all your meals. You could also try to replace your fried snacks with nuts and seed mixes for the added nutrients.

With the summer heat here to stay, hydrating well is essential. You can also check out this article on foods that keep you cool in the summer.

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