Love it or hate it you just can’t avoid it! Cheat days once a while are allowed, but when it comes to weddings, we are not talking about a few days but an entire season of it! Especially with the most amazing food and an open bar, it is a fight to not cheat on your diet. so what do we do? We give you 4 amazing tips to ensure you don’t end up with wedding weight you did not count for without missing out on all the fun, obviously!

Tip 1: Plan in advance.

You do get the ‘Save The Date’ invite, make the most of it. Get active on the morning of the D-day. Go workout, walk, swim or any anything to get yourself some exercise. This will help you focus, keep you feeling calm and more in control of your meal choices through the day. If you are traveling, then don’t forget to pack your sneakers, swimsuit, whatever fits with all the heavy space consuming wedding clothes.

Ps: Add a few extra mins to your workout to compensate for the scrumptious - sinful food you will be eating later.

Tip 2: Don’t skip meals

If your plan is to not eat too many calories to save the count for later, please don’t. This sort of calculation will leave you feeling more hungry and most likely you will end up overeating, we obviously don’t want that now, do we?

Ideally, you should be eating meals at your regular eating hours, fill up your plate with vegetables, lean protein and lots and lots of water. You can make room by skipping the bread with the salad, fries with the sandwich and so on.

Pack a healthy snack. Try protein-rich plain Greek yogurt with a tablespoon of ground flax, which adds filling fiber. You could also do a boiled egg or some fruit. On the go? Pack a purse-friendly serving of nuts to munch on.

Basically eat healthy before to eat mindfully later.

Tip 3: Two words: Open Bar

We don’t expect you to completely look in the other direction of the bar at the wedding. But remember, you have the entire night ahead of you, so pace yourself and the drinks, obviously. It's fine to celebrate with a tipple or two, just be sure to stop before you get ahead of yourself. If you have too many drinks, your inhibitions will be lowered, and you'll be more likely to overindulge in a way you wouldn't if sober.

Cheat sheet: Low-calorie drinks:

  • Champagne - 90 calories

  • Rum & Diet Coke: 96 calories

  • Vodka & Soda (FYI: soda water: 0 calories): 96 calories

  • Gin & Tonic: 148 calories

  • Mojito: 148 calories

Word to the wise? Avoid ice in your drink, it will help you drink less and save on those additional calories, ta-da!

Also, going back to tip 2, make sure you have eaten well.

Tip 3: Desserts!

Portion control is the key here! Most weddings don’t just stop at the cake, there is always a spread of desserts, you name it, and it’s there! Rather than trying it all, pick what you really REALLY want to try (and think hard on this one) and pick a small portion to satisfy that craving.

Tip 4:  Prepping for the after party

Rehydrate! Rehydrate! Rehydrate! If you are planning on going to the after party, go slow on the booze and focus on rehydrating yourself. Try to also steer clear of greasy and sweet stuff A combination of protein and complex carbs should help you sober, just in case.

Now that you have a checklist of maintaining the best of your diet at a wedding, don’t forget to break a leg and have some fun!

PS: End the day with a warm glass of water to help flush the toxins out faster.

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