If you are looking to lose some weight or shed excess body fat from your body, these are some workouts that you can add in your workout regime to achieve the best version of yourself.

These are some proven effective workouts for weight loss.


1. Jump Rope


Jumping rope is a great exercise that one can perform to stay fit and healthy, as the jumping rope is a portable exercise which you can easily perform at your gym or at any given place, you just require a good jump rope with a pair of shoes and a little bit of will to get started.

Jump rope can also help you to lose weight, as on an average human being burns about 12-15 calories per minute of jumping rope and hence if performed for a good period of time for about 35-40 minutes, it can really help you to burn a good amount of calories and shed some extra inches(Provided that your diet is healthy and is on point), apart from burning calories jumping rope is good for your heart and lungs as it increases your VO2 max and your heartbeat to keep up with the exercise. You will also notice that your calves muscles would be more defined after doing this exercise consistently. No reason why jumping rope is one of the most preferred forms of cardio exercises for all the boxers and athletes around the globe.




If you want to get the most out of an exercise in a short period of time, then HIIT is something that you can add to your routine, HIIT stands for High-intensity interval training, which is a kind of exercise pattern where you perform a series of short exercise at a high-intensity alternative with a low time rest period.

For instance, you can perform exercises like pushups, squats, jumping jacks, burpees as a circuit which can last about 1-2 minutes followed by 15 seconds of rest at the end. This would be considered one “round” or “repetition” of HIIT, and you would typically complete 4 to 6 repetitions in one workout.

Typically the time duration of the HIIT workouts is about 15-20 minutes; that will again vary upon the exercise you choose and how intensely you are exercising. Apart from just burning calories, HIIT workouts are beneficial for your health too, HIIT workouts can improve your lung capacity and heart health.

Surely HIIT is a great way to burn a number of calories in a short span of time, which you can definitely incorporate to stay fit and healthy.


3. Weight Training

One of the most effective ways by which you can lose your body weight in a healthy way and enhance your body recompositions is weight training or also called resistance training, which is when you lift a certain weight,  exercises like squats, deadlifts, bench press, shoulder press, are some great movements that you can perform to provide reasonable stimulus to your muscles and satisfactory calorie expenditure.

As when you build some muscle mass your body metabolism improves that ensures additional calories burn throughout the day and hence helps in body recomposition and fat loss.


4. Boxing

A lot of people assume that boxing is a serious sport that common people cannot practice, which is not true at all, although one doesn't have to practice like a professional boxer over here, you can just wear a set of glover and hang a punching bag and get started with your workout, boxing involves your whole body to function and takes a great effort to throw that punch.

Boxing is a great blend of cardio and strength training, that would challenge your body and improve one's cardiovascular health as well.

Also, this is one of those exercises that requires a lot of energy to perform, hence spending some time daily doing your version of being rocky would surely help you to be healthy, stronger, and fitter.

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