Is the daily grind of the city getting to you? Do you crave the freedom of stretching your legs on the pedals of a bicycle? Are you seeking the thrill of weaving in between cars on the perpetually bustling roads of Mumbai? Well, so are we! With most parks prohibiting bicycles inside them, preferring the good citizens who stroll through calmly, enjoying the greenery of the city, there aren’t enough options for cycling enthusiasts to get their fix.

So is it really impossible to engage in one of the best cardio workouts in Mumbai? No! You can now pull your bicycle out of the closet, dust it off, and oil the joints because there are plenty of locations in the city where one can cycle. And you’ll be in good company too – you can join one of the many groups that cycle together, as well as cycling trainers in the city. You can see more of them in South Mumbai, outfitted with headlamps, helmets, and cycling gloves, early mornings and late nights.

 “Indoor Cycling is an intense cardio workout. It’s effective in weight loss and burns 500-700 calories depending on your capacity”. How’s that for motivation! So if you prefer listening to the cool hum of an air conditioning unit while cycling, here’s some good news for you: there are many gyms which offer Indoor Cycling.

Here are some:

South Mumbai

North Mumbai

Western Mumbai

Central Mumbai

Navi Mumbai

So don’t miss out on this wonderful cardio workout. If Tour De France is right up your alley, head to one of the listed gyms or join a cycling group today!

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