Functional training can be challenging at home but we just made it easier for you! Join these 9 best designed functional training workouts home. And guess what! You can get to workout at home with the best functional training classes now with One Pass Virtual.

1. Functional Training With Shivoham

Burn 450 calories in 60 mins – that’s a promise! Workout with India’s first CrossFit box owner for a full-body drill from Mumbai. The workout is a mix of toning muscles as well as burning calories at just INR 599 per session. No more excuses for homework! 

Check out - Functional Training With Shivoham

2.  HIIT80

No more yawning for a home workout!  Get the most entertaining functional training workout FAST30 with HIIT 80 all the way from Pune. Fastrack your home workout with FAST30 for just INR 399 per session! 

Check out HIIT80

 3. 6262 Fitness

At 6262 Fitness, they focus on designing the exercises that take you to the next level of Fitness! Their online home workout is drawn for you to understand your body and give you the push. Let 6262 Fitness from Mumbai be your new fitness pal for INR 599 per session. 

Check out  6262 Fitness

 4. Bodh Crossfit

No doubt, Bodh Crossfit from Delhi, has the best fitness equipment to offer but have you witnessed their home workout variations? Feel like you're at the gym once again with Bodh Crossfit at just INR 299 per session. 

Check out Bodh Crossfit

5. V's Fitness

 “Engage your core!” - Use V’s Fitness mantra for your next functional training workout  They turn “functional” training to “fun” training in no time. Join them for creating the right fitness atmosphere for you at home at just INR 708 per session.

Check out V's Fitness

6. Crossfit Blackfire

 Fitter and Fantastic together? Let Crossfit Blackfire from Mumbai make that possible for you! They believe in the highest standards of functional training even at home. Join their functional training session to train your muscles together and reach your calorie burn goal for INR 199 per session.

Check out Crossfit Blackfire

7. F45 Training Juhu


“F” in F45 stands for functional training and they give the “fanciest” functional training workouts! From beginner to intermediate, they provide the most suitable workout for INR 363 per session. Since they believe in evolving, no two of their virtual sessions are similar! 

Check out F45 Training Juhu

8. Chaos Faktory

Animal Flow? YES, learn the elements of animal flow with Chaos Faktory from Bangalore. This quarantine, learn new forms of fitness at home without equipment to reach your quarantine body goal at INR 499 per session. 

Check out Chaos Faktory

9. AKRO - Fitness Personalised

Every session of AKRO - Fitness Personalised is progress towards better performance. Set your fitness target and their personalize the path for you. Join in AKRO - Fitness Personalised from Mumbai for virtual sessions at just INR 349 per session. 

Check out AKRO - Fitness Personalised 

10. Nice And Easy Fitness Centre

Start with Nice And Easy Fitness Centre from Mumbai for a comfortable functional training workout at your home. Get the basics right before you accelerate your fitness journey at INR 199 per session.

Check out Nice And Easy Fitness Centre

11. Crossfit Create

Are you ready to CRUSH your workout at home? Crossfit Create from Delhi, is ready to join you for a high-intensity functional training workout for INR 299 per session, so what are you waiting for? 

Check out Crossfit Create

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