Dance delivers emotions louder than words, and for those who believe in these words, we have exactly the place for you to train, grow and nurture. To top it up, many of the following are also fitness oriented dance studios for those who have a passion for fitness with a twist. Here are the top 10 Dance Studios in Delhi

1. Aptitude Resolution For Fitness, Pitampura

When dance is the form of exercise, who would want to run away from it? Mostly known for its training sessions, Aptitude Resolution For Fitness offers dance lovers a taste of fit with their Dance-er-cize classes. Freestyle exercises combined with dance will never make working out a dull moment. Take session today to experience it for yourself

Check out Aptitude Resolution For Fitness

2. Get Fit Fitness Studio (Only for Ladies), Dwarka

Ladies, time to get fit! This studio offers dance workouts which helps to build flexibility & strength and needless to say is challenging but very motivating.

Check out Get Fit Fitness Studio

3. Tansen Sangeet Mahavidyalaya, Kalkaji

Dance is a way of breaking free and this studio helps you do just that. The essence of this place comes from its ambiance and attitude which is a sure add on their variety. They provide Indian Folk Dances to Bellydancing, Zumba and Aerobic routines with other few fitness options.

Check out Tansen Sangeet Mahavidyalaya, Kalkaji

4. Fit Fataang, Rajouri Garden

Looking for a combination of high intensity cardio to bust those kilos but can’t get enough of the Bollywood thumkas? Well the solution awaits you right here. Mixing fun with exercise is what the Bollywood dance classes at Fit Fataang, promise!

Check out Fit Fataang

5. My Fitness Kapsule, Dwarka

Dance has its own way of coming to life and My Fitness Kapsule works towards that philosophy. Expressing yourself through different forms like Salsa and the fitness alternative - Zumba, it creates an unforgettable experience.

Check out My Fitness Kapsule, Dwarka

6. Fitness Dome by Payal Grover, Karol Bagh

It’s never too late to start dancing and therefore Fitness Dome makes sure that dance is accessible and affordable to all. They offer classes for kids as well as adults.

Check out Fitness Dome by Payal Grover

7. Bounce Xtreme Academy Of Fitness and Performing Arts, Dilshad Garden

Bounce Xtreme Academy Of Fitness and Performing Arts is a renowned dance studio in Delhi. It offers dance workouts which helps to builds flexibility & strength and needless to say is challenging but very motivating. The studio offers a combination of contemporary, Jazz, Hip Hop and more. 

Check out Bounce Xtreme Academy Of Fitness and Performing Arts

8. Delhi Salsa Club, Kalkaji

One thing we can all learn from Delhi Salsa Club - if you do one thing, do it right. And boy, do they do Salsa right. They totally inject social dancing with its own brand of unique teaching techniques, ensuring you learn enough to imbibe the skills needed on the dance floor.

Check out Delhi Salsa Club, Kalkaji

9. 24 Fitness Studio, Malviya Nagar

If fitness is a way of life, dance is an instrument for it and nobody explains that better than 24 Fitness Studio. Get ready to burn that fat with a high intensity dance workout that guarantees result and no room of boredom.

Check out 24 Fitness Studio, Malviya Nagar

10. Bhangra Dynasty, Lajpat Nagar

For all those dance lovers, this is THE class for you! Do the Balle Balle and get a groove on with Bhangra Dynasty!

Check out Bhangra Dynasty

11. Her Fitness, Punjabi Bagh

This unique state of art fitness studio located in Punjabi Bagh, is known for their renowned plethora of fitness activities. All enthusiasts are in for a treat with the menu of workout options available, from the best of Bhangra Aerobics, to Zumba, Bootcamp to name a few.

Check out Her Fitness

You need good music, two feet and a whole lot of fun to take out the monotony from exercising. As they say, you are always just one dance away from a good mood!

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