Raina remembers a time when she’d run all the way back from school, drop her bag onto the nearest available surface and fly back out the door to the playground. The school day with all its accompaniments of classwork, homework, punishments, and lectures melted into puddles of sweat as she and her gang of girls frolicked about the ground. In summer, they played Tag, and as the monsoon set in, the ground would come alive with football matches. Did it matter that she soiled her shirt? Not to the world’s best footballer, no.

Then, just like that, she grew up. No more scraped knees, just nights spent studying for important sounding exams. Soon enough, she met a great guy, got married and is a happy mother of two, now. With a family of four, schedules got busier and her fitness went right out the window. Getting a gym membership was easy, but keeping at it was murder. Group activities like the running clubs, and zumba classes met the same fate.

Sound familiar?

However, Raina achieved her fitness goals by picking up from right where she left them with a little help and lots of motivation from her personal trainer. Taking a page off her experience, Here’s ten reasons why you should consider getting a personal trainer for yourself if you have found yourself in a similar predicament.

Central focus: A personal trainer means complete focus on your fitness needs. The class is structured around your requirements and fitness levels so you can monitor the consequent change in them.

Form fitting: A personal trainer is qualified enough to design a fitness program that matches your current endurance levels and goals.

Cut out embarrassment by exercise:  You don’t have to be conscious about the primal noises (read grunts) that you are bound to make when doing a complicated asana or trying to maintain a plank. (There’s going to be loads of those).

Closer to personal goals: It is easier to draw out and work towards personal goals when working out with a personal trainer as opposed to when you work out in a group.

Understand the true potential of your body: Personal training allows one to understand the potential of our own bodies. Funny how we live with ourselves for so many years without a whiff of our own strengths!

Getting the inside scoop: Celebrity personal trainers are a walking Cosmopolitan! Cool way to get some inside scoop as you prepare to cool down after an intense session.

Convenient, comfortable, and customized: The BEST part about engaging a personal trainer is the fact that you can exercise at a time that conveniently fits into your schedule with a trainer you are comfortable with. Also, you can try out different workouts to spice things up when the going gets boring.

No need to fit in: No need to fit in with the crowd by turning up in the latest sports gear. Get your old tank tops out and dust off those sweat pants; we’ve got some work to do now!

No need to keep up: Who do you have to keep up other than yourself when working out in the comfort of your home?

And last but not the least,

What would Batman do? : And Wonder Woman?

I rest my case. 

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